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Active Parks is the app your municipality needs to make the most of your outdoor exercise areas.

Thanks to Active Parks, the residents of your municipality will be capable of knowing firsthand how to use each device in the municipal park. In the app you will find video tutorials and explanations of each of them.

Besides, through its personalized user key, statistics of the people who have used each machine will be displayed, being able to do age and sex studies. In this way, communicative actions can be carried out properly focused on each target.


Video tutorials

A picture is worth a thousand words.
That's why in Active Parks we show with small videos how the devices that make up the outdoor park of your municipality are used. Furthermore, we add a text explanation of the steps to be performed in each of them.

Explanatory videos

In the app, the public will have access to explanatory videos on how to use the equipment of each park, correctly and safely.

Exercise routines

Users could perform different exercise routines, depending on the outdoor park in which they are located. These routines are suitable for the equipment installed in it.

Exclusive data

Thanks to a private area, each City Council can access exclusive data on the profile of the users of its municipal park.


All contracted municipal parks are registered in the app. These are automatically located by the user who wishes to go to one of them.


To the user, our app offers information about their physical activity, such as the step counter. This allows the City Council to know the level of physical activity of its neighbors.


This app offers citizens the possibility to define weekly physical objectives with which to test their endurance and improvement.


How do I make the parks in my municipality appear in Active Parks App?

You will simply have to register on the platform by contacting us. Once you have registered we will need you to send us the location of each of the parks to include, as well as, one or several photos of each park where you can clearly see the equipment installed in it.

How do I access statistics on the level of physical activity of my population and the use of the parks in my municipality?

By registering for Active Parks you will be able to access our web platform through your username and password. In it you will manage to see the statistics of the use of your parks and the amount of physical activity carried out by users in your municipality. You could make comparisons by gender and age groups.

What does it cost to integrate my parks into Active Parks App?

The price varies depending on the number of parks to be integrated. If you are interested in more information about our rates please contact us.

Find out more information

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