Active Parks App

Promote an active and healthy lifestyle in your municipality

Video tutorials

With video tutorials, citizens can know the exercises that may be done in each park, and how to do them with a correct technique and safely.

Exercise routines

We've designed customised exercise routines for each park. Depending on the possibilities offered by the equipment installed in it.


Extract information about the use of your parks and their user profile. Through our web platform you could consult this data at any time.


Being inside the registered parks, Active Parks App automatically locates the park you want and offers you the options to exercise in it.


We count your steps. We make a record of walking data, keeping track of personal goals. This allows to obtain statistics on the level of physical activity of the population.

Setting goals

You may set weekly goals and have control over their compliance.

More than an exercise app


Through our web platform you will be able to see the statistics of the use of your parks and the amount of physical activity performed by users of your municipality. You might also make comparison by gender and age to know how your neighbors move and establish more effective communication actions focused on the right target audience.
Active Parks App

Active Parks, the app to get the most out of
your parks

1. Analyze its use

Your citizens know the correct use of the equipment installed in the parks. With the security and tranquility that gives the knowledge that proper use of each element is being made.
In addition, thanks to this app you will know who uses each device, male or female, and the age of each of them. It offers you a complete analysis of all of them.

app parques

Video Presentación

1. Turn on your park

With Active Parks app you will bring your parks to life. Thanks to this application the residents of your municipality will know first hand the benefits and uses of the appliances that are part of the municipality’s park. That's how it works.

Find out more about the app

Active Parks numbers

Our app for municipal parks offers you tutorial videos, recommended exercises and the location of each park. As well as statistics on the use of your outdoor parks where you could do more exhaustive analysis of gender and age.

Video minutes

Different exercises

Localized parks


  • Now I know that the exercises I do are correct.

  • I didn't know that you could take advantage of these devices so much.

  • It is easy to use, you can also see the progress you make.


How do I make the parks in my municipality appear in Active Parks App?

You will simply have to register on the platform by contacting us. Once you have registered we will need you to send us the location of each of the parks to include, as well as, one or several photos of each park where you can clearly see the equipment installed in it.

How do I access statistics on the level of physical activity of my population and the use of the parks in my municipality?

By registering for Active Parks you will be able to access our web platform through your username and password. In it you will manage to see the statistics of the use of your parks and the amount of physical activity carried out by users in your municipality. You could make comparisons by gender and age groups.

What does it cost to integrate my parks into Active Parks App?

The price varies depending on the number of parks to be integrated. If you are interested in more information about our rates please contact us.

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